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Gift cleaning Gift cleaning

Corporate discounts and programs

We are ready to give your company and employees discounts. This can be a corporate promotional code, a system of accumulating bonuses and free cleaning for employees, which will be paid by the company.

If this is a promotional code for employees, then when making an order they receive a discount, and our customers need to show a card /pass/identity card. Together with company representatives, we determine the conditions and are ready to start cooperation as quickly as possible. We are ready to work with both large corporations and small companies.

If a company pays for cleaning for its employees, we will prepare all the documents and select the responsible managers. You will see reports on cleaning, and we will provide a delay in payments and discounts of up to 25%.

We cooperate with banks in their premium programs, development campaigns as part of their concierge service.

We are open to suggestions. Write to us!

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* For more information about bonuses, check with your company's managers